Most Common Questions and Answers

Can I also try freediving?

Freediving is suitable for almost everyone. Anyone can find their own thing in freediving – relaxation, release, excitement, travelling, and connection with nature or oneself. It’s not just a performance sport where freedivers dive to great depths. It is especially a wonderful activity, through which you can experience underwater beauty comfortably in one breath. Everyone is capable of diving; seniors, but also teenagers, women and men. The popularity of freediving is still growing and it is a sport or a hobby of choice for a number of people of all kinds. It is, of course, a physical activity, and if you want to push your limits, then training must be an integral part of it. It’s not about an adrenaline rush, quite the opposite. It’s about simultaneous concentration and relax. Great results are often achieved by people who do not look like professional athletes. Whoever decides to work with us, we will try to find a way to make our time underwater more enjoyable.

Why Molchanovs, which course, and why Apnea Nautica?

There are several schools in Slovakia that offer freediving courses. They have similar foundations but differ in some ways, as in structure or emphasis on particular features, rather than disagreeing on something fundamental. Molchanovs courses are very modern, created by today’s best freedivers, with a great emphasis placed on practical training. There are lots of tutorials, technical and mental exercises, gradual adaptation and improvement. After completing the course, you will gain access to the Molchanovs Movement community and to unique training plans compiled by Alexey and other active freedivers. The team is remarkable and will help you develop further.

However, when choosing a course, you should also take a look at the instructor, because they have the quality of the course in their hands. References, experiences, or achievements may help. But you should keep in mind that not everyone who can dive deep is also a qualified instructor. After a long active sports career and several years of diving experience as an assistant instructor, I decided to pass on my knowledge and skills. Even before obtaining an instructor’s license, I was happy to help and advise people in matters of proper technique, equipment and training habits.

The courses follow each other and taking them one after the other is definitely an advantage. You don’t have to do them all in one place or with one instructor. Sequence is important, and there is no need to rush for depths or lengths. Constant improvement is a step to success for which you need to be prepared physically, technically and mentally, because each course brings something new, more demanding and the better your skills, the more you can focus on your own progress.

The Apnea Nautica Club provides an opportunity not only to push your limits, but also to join a community of freedivers who spend time together, travel for freediving experiences and participate in competitions.

What do I need to know before registering for a course?

The first rule is to be able to surface swim 200m non-stop. We’ll teach you the rest.

Can my health status be an obstacle?

Freediving is a physical activity and your body and mind are going to be under a strain. During breath dives, there are certain changes in the body that allow us to stay underwater longer. This will be something new for your body, so I definitely recommend a check-up with a doctor, or if possible a specialist.

To register for a course, you need to submit a filled out medical form with questions about your health status. Print it out and read it carefully. If you answer “NO” to each question (I don’t have this medical condition), that’s enough. For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will be happy to answer them.

What equipment do I need for a depth or a pool course?

If you want to start freediving, the Apnea Nautica club provides the possibility to rent full equipment during the course for a fee. If you are determined to buy things yourself, we will be happy to help you choose the right equipment.

It is important to keep the body hydrated during freediving, so have a bottle of water with you. In the classroom, you will need a yoga mat and comfortable sportswear.

What do I really need the course for? Can’t I dive recreationally without it?

You can. However, during the course you will learn a lot of important information and advice directly from a qualified instructor. How the body works during breath-hold and what processes take place in it, you will understand the basics of physics in freediving, you will learn the right technique, or how to solve and prevent critical situations. And because practice makes perfect, the course offers a lot of time to train in the water. You will learn the correct breathing technique before and after the dive, how to move effectively in water and much more. At the end of the course you will definitely be a better freediver and you will know how to dive safely. Even if you decide never to take a course, at least remember the most important piece of advice: Never dive alone!

I’ve never taken a course, but I know how to dive, can I skip the first level?

Yes, it is possible. Before registration, you need to test your knowledge and practical skills, and if you are at the first course level, you can try it. However, in each course you will learn something new, the courses follow each other, and it is definitely better to complete them all from the beginning.

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