“A pool is a place where we train. A sea is a place where we become freedivers” Pavel Tomm

Of the local waters, we mainly visit Nové Košariská in Dunajská Lužná. Their biggest advantage is the depth of 40m, lots of fish and water quality. You can train in Košariská already in spring, and it is often in good diving quality until late winter. With decreasing temperature, water transparency rises and the lake reveals its bottom with a visibility of more than 25-30m. In cold winter weather, it is a pleasure to pull out a thicker neoprene wetsuit and let yourself be enchanted by the lake, which will reward you with a beautiful fish theater played by schools of crucian carp, grass carp, and bighead carp.

Our next favorite destination is Hlboké jazero (also called Guláška) in Senec, where we can find lots of underwater attractions in reachable depths. There you can find cars, boats, a phone booth, pike, carp or catfish.

Traditionally visited foreign locations, Croatia, Egypt or Greece, have many places offering great conditions for deep dives, as well as beautiful and colorful surroundings full of marine life. We also really like Tenerife, where in 2021 we decided to entertain the bold idea of founding a club.