About Us

About Us


Instructor of Molchanovs education system

Active competitor

“I believe that together we will discover new locations and experience many unforgettable moments under water.”

I learned to dive as a child, because my father, an active technical diver, led me to it. I have loved water in every form, and since I was born in Tatras, snow won me over and I became a skier. At the end of my career, I started missing water and so I decided to return to my roots. 

After spending a few hours in a pool I knew that freediving is the sport I want to do in the future. My journey led through a pool course and three depth courses which inspired me to pass on my experience and skills. My dream came true when I met Pavel Tomm who gave my effort, perseverance, and enthusiasm clear features. Under his leadership, I became an instructor of Molchanovs education system Molchanovs.

In cooperation with Apnoe Space, we train new freedivers, to whom we offer a possibility not only to join a community, but also to discover new places within Slovakia and beyond. My goal is to show people that freediving is a sport for anyone, and everyone can enjoy it.




Molchanovs education W3 assistant

Active competitor
Specialty coffee enthusiast and water lover

They threw me in the water when I was 6 months old. Literally. I’ve loved it since then and at eight swimming became my sport. During that time I learned valuable life lessons such as discipline, regular and responsible training, and especially motivation to move forward. 

As a kid, I was always fascinated by small fish whenever we went on a beach vacation, and so I started snorkeling. Over time, I discovered freediving, which showed me how to prolong my underwater experience and how to make it enjoyable. By completing three depth courses and tests, I have become an Assistant Instructor, and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

The elaborate Molchanovs education and training system brings something completely new and unique to the world of freediving. Aside from all level courses it also offers a follow-up training program. It can be found on a platform that offers access to the latest education, training program, workout and challenges in which we actively participate. This system was created by Natalia and Alexey Molchanovs. Natalia is the most acclaimed freediver in history. During her career, she set 41 world records and won 23 gold medals at world championships. Her son Alexey is an active freediver, multiple world champion and holder of many world records.

Molchanovs Movement

WoW – Workout of the Week brings a unique approach to individual training. It was compiled by elite freedivers, such as Alexey Molchanov, Thibault Guignes or Adam Stern. This program has several parts, growing in difficulty each week. It covers trainings for pool and depth disciplines, breathing techniques, mental training, cultivates flexibility and physical strength. In addition, it includes exercises to improve pressure equalization techniques that are irreplaceable in freediving. This is one of many reasons why people prefer Molchanovs over other schools. With us, getting a course certificate is not the end, but the beginning.

Molchanovs Courses

All Molchanovs freediving courses consist of three parts: theoretical part (T), pool part (Lap), and depth part (Wave). The course can be completed in two ways. Either by taking the complete Wave (as it covers knowledge from both the pool and the depth part), or Lap and Wave separately. There are many pros in separating the course. You can complete the entire course theory and practical pool part, and thus receive Molchanovs Lap 1, 2, or 3 certificate, as well as access to the Molchanovs community and training. You can then complete the depth part and upgrade Lap to Wave, or you can continue with another Lap-level course. One of the advantages of separate courses is also winter pool training and summer depth season.

We organize complete Wave freediving courses in several places. We always try to meet the needs of those interested, in cooperation with several freediving centers. We want you to always have the opportunity to dive to the maximum limit of a given level, which is 20m, 30m or 40m. Taking a course without access to sufficient depth is not the way we want to go. Only with the right training in the given depths you will become a complete freediver.  

We organize Lap swimming courses in several cities in Slovakia.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone or Contact Form for the current offer details.